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Positively encouraging collaboration

The ethos of any commodity exchange system is based on developing a spirit of collaboration between interlocking and competing interests. From their early origins as mutual societies, exchange systems have demonstrated a unique ability to drive collaboration.

In the context of Nanoscience & Nanotechnology (N&N), INSCX strives to create a basis among producers, downstream users, pools of finance liquidity, material service providers, inspection/toxicology experts, nanomaterials formulation and refining and official regulation agencies aimed at creating sustained commercial traction in use of engineered nanomaterials, objects and devices.

The INSCX Holdings Limited group of companies includes in-house expertise in materials characterisation, EHS toxicology, nanomaerials track/trace and physical trading for commercial use purposes of traditional and advanced materials. INSCX represents the “go to” marketplace for physical commodity trade and self-regulatory compliance.

INSCX exchange operates a unique track/trace mechanism for recording trade in engineered nanomaterials (ENMs). The mechanic termed DOWNSTREAM AUDIT SEQUENCING (DAS) records each trade through the Exchange enabling sequencing of each batch from source through the supply chain. DAS has been highlighted to official regulation agencies, most notably in the UK and US, as a means to provide real-time trade reporting of ENM trade on a national and regional scale.

NANOGUARd is a proposed joint venture between INSCX exchange and the University of Limerick Business School to provide a comprehensive software tool to official regulation agencies and insurers combining real-time trade data via DAS with risk profiling of the specific engineered nanomaterial(s) so recorded. Based on Bayesian network modelling, a data analysis technique which is ideally suited to complex data, the NANOGUARd tool once launched will further aid the insurance industry mitigate potential risk associated with commercial uptake of ENMs.

INSCX: Tradition driving Innovation INSCX: Enabling Collaboration

INSCX exchange aims to build on the centuries old spirit of collaboration fostered across the industrial complex by use of commodity exchange systems.

While INSCX will remain specific to the physical material categories listed for trade on the Exchange, this ethos of collaboration is embedded into the spirit of INSCX.