Nano Implementation Report – Construction

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Nano Implementation Report – Construction – Published 2019

Developments in nanotechnology have demonstrated that the use of nanomaterials in construction can offer new and innovative real-world opportunities for the industry.

The application of nanomaterials can improve the performance of for example concrete, coatings and insulating materials through the development and addition of highly durable and long-lasting additives. Improvements in cementitious products can be seen in terms of durability and longevity via the addition of metal oxide nanoparticles such as silicon dioxide and engineered nanoparticles such as carbon nanotubes. Additionally, employing nanomaterials such as titanium dioxide nano-powder can introduce performance enhancements. This includes self-cleaning capabilities and corrosion resistance, extending the lifespan of structures. Novel insulation solutions such as nanofoams have very good insulation values, enabling thermal rehabilitation of buildings in which conventional insulation is not possible helping to improve energy efficiency.

This report outlines the real-world areas where the construction business can enhance existing, and/or develop new product lines in addition to providing insight into nano producers supplying innovative solutions.