NANOVA HYGIENE – Multi-Surface Self-Sanitising Nanocoating (Spray Applied) 3 month all surface protection

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NANOVA HYGIENE – Spray Applied Multi-Surface Self-Sanitising Nanocoating 

NANOVA HYGIENE+TM Multi-Surface Self Sanitizing Nano-Coating is water borne thin film coating keep the surfaces free from microbes like virus, bacteria and other pathogens with a proven and test verified effectiveness (July, 2020, Nelson Labs USA) against human coronavirus (229E). Proven effective and test verified against SARS COVID-19 (August, 2020). EU and FDA compliant. The active composition in the product is the combination of metal nanoparticles and on-migratory cationic disinfectant, which are extremely effective in inactivation of enveloped RNA virus and bacterial DNA genome. It is easy to use and has no cytotoxicity. This effective self-sanitizing nano-coatings works through contact killing mechanism and remain active on surface for minimum 90 days if not damaged mechanically.

Key Features

  • Water borne thin film protection against virus & bacteria
  • PROVEN effectiveness against human coronavirus (229E) / 99%, efficacy as per anti-viral performance standard ISO 18184. Independent lab Test report available
  • Proven effectiveness against SARS COVID-19. 99.9% kill rate, immediate kill after curing 2-3 hours. Independent lab Test report available
  • Provides 99.9% germ protection up to 90 days
  • Contains effective Nano materials with no cytotoxicity
  • Self-Sanitization avoids requirement of regular dis-infection
  • Recommended for all surfaces such as metal, wood, plastic, glass, fabrics, leather, concrete walls, tiles, electronic devices, touchpoints etc
  • Conforms to global standards JIS L 1902 and AATCC 100. ULTRAPEL MICROB 150 AB is effective to inactivate pathogens on the surface
  • Tested and certified according to global ISO standard 18184
  • EU approval EN1276, EN13697, EN14476. REACH registered
  • US FDA / EPA compliant

Direction for Use

  • Clean Surface properly and apply the coating on the surface by spray or roller
  • Drying time: Surface Dry by 30min and Handleable by 2-3 hours @ room temperature

Product specs:

  • Product Shelf life: 12 months from date of manufacturing
  • Coverage: 100-120 Sq-ft/L when applied in spray form (varies based on objects / extended when wiped-on)
  • Available Pack size: 20 Litres
  • Precautions: Not for oral consumption
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 20 Litres. Priced per Litre. MOQ = 20 Litres