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Welcome to the Live Trade Platform (TORS) provided by INSCX™ exchange,  a self-regulating organisation (SRO) specific to the listing of accredited, inspected and validated engineered nanomaterials, nano-enabled commodities, Polymers, Base Oils and Titanium Dioxide (TiO2). The Exchange is solely a delivery venue for physical commodities.  USERS of the INSCX platform can access real-time price discovery in listed commodities, technical analysis, market news and opt to instruct trade for physical delivery through the Exchange on a spot and/or forward basis.


About Us

About Us

INSCX™ exchange was founded as a concept in 2009, operating live markets since 2013. The Exchange itself is based in the north west of England chemical hub and is managed by professionals with longstanding experience in advanced materials formulation and trading in financial and physical commodity exchange markets.

We provide our customers with a number of tools and services. These range from providing subscription access to a live electronic trade platform for physical delivery and price discovery in base oils, polymers and advanced materials, an online nanomaterials sales portal, materials certification and toxicology services for nanomaterials, a market system to trade industry-focused knowledge in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, a verified nanoproducer supplier directory and bespoke consultancy geared to provide industry a roadmap to advance the compliant integration of nanotechnologies.

In 2013 the Exchange commenced listing of Titanium Dioxide sourced from leading Chinese producers for EU and US delivery. By 2013/14, the Exchange offering added listing of EMEA Base Oils. During 2015 we commenced development of a real-time pricing/trade mechanism for the European polymer market having engaged in widespread consultation with leading polymer producers and end users.

This aspect of the INSCX offering is now live creating a world benchmark for the physical polymer industry.


The Products in Which We Trade


Real Time Spot/Forward prices in Polymers for physical delivery

Base Oils

Real-time pricing in Group I, II and III Base Oil

Titanium Dioxide

Source leading Chinese producer grades of TiO2


Compliant, validated and inspected Nanomaterials


Our Team

The INSCX™ exchange management team consists of professionals long experienced in financial/physical commodity exchange practices and in sales/development of advanced materials. From former professional traders in major commodity markets, to experts in nanoscience and nanotechnology, to senior management with long exposure to the polymer, lubricant and coatings markets, we combine to provide our member base with a complete physical trading service.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Tel: + 44 (0) 203 137 5187/ US Dial: 646-4704911