INSCX Market Model

INSCX is not a business-to-business (B2B) mechanism. The system employed by the Exchange operates a specialist merchant model of trade, similar in many respects to the market-maker/specialist function used by the majority of commodity exchange systems. Trading on INSCX is conducted via it’s Specialist Merchant(s). One a wholly owned subsidiary of INSCX, NCM Global Limited, is specific to polymers, base oils and other commodities, and in regard to engineered nanomaterials, Nanoshel (UK) Limited is a sales/trading merchant member of the Exchange. The Specialists act to complete the following roles:

(i) Update the Live Trade Platform:

Enter indicative and firm prices in respect of listed materials continuously during the daily trading session where there is no active live order buy/sell placed by a member of the Exchange.

(ii) Act as Counterparty:

All trade is conducted through the Specialist Merchant and this member acts as a counterparty match buying/selling between two instructing members, unless where trade is agreed on a bilateral basis direct between the buyer and seller. In the case of a bilateral trades, the Specialist acts to conduct the auction process on instruction and report any sale agreed for anonymous broadcast on the live trading platform.

(iii) Statistics:

Compile and circulate Exchange statistic reports such as Open interest reports, market news and trade fixes.

(iv) Manage Orders:

Approve and accept orders from other merchant members acting for commercial users of the Exchange.


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