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INSCX™ exchange

Physical commodity and advanced material marketplace

INSCX™ exchange is a self-regulating organisation [SRO] providing an electronic trade platform specific to the listing of accredited, inspected and validated engineered nanomaterials, nano-enabled commodities and categories of more traditional commodities for physical delivery.

Listed for trade are globally relevant contracts in nanomaterials based on Thematic class, nano-enabled commodities and in more traditional materials; Base Oils, Polymers, Titanium Dioxide and Minerals. The Exchange is based in the United Kingdom providing live markets during UK and North American business hours.

Nanomaterials Polymers Minerals Base Oil Minerals Membership
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Live trade access.

Spot and Forward trade.

Counterparty verified.

Access the Live Trade Floor

Registered users of the Exchange can LOGON to the live trading floor using the link button below.

Real-time price mechanism.


The purpose of a commodity exchange is to enable Good Order in the supply, procurement and trade of raw materials required for the production of goods and services.

Commodity exchange systems have long been used in sectors ranging from industrial/precious metals, oil, and agriculture.  These systems provide essential price discovery, trade financing to support production, the ability to hedge exposure to adverse movement in price, assurance of conformity to specification and reference to enable regulation, logistics and insurance.

Delivering Price Transparency across multiple phyical material asset classes
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