INSCX exchange is a Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (N&N) company based in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. Founded as a concept in 2009, operating since 2013, we provide our customers with a number of tools and services. These range from providing subscription access to a live electronic trade platform for physical delivery and price discovery in base oils, polymers and specialty materials, an online nanomaterials sales portal, materials certification and toxicology services for nanomaterials, a market system to trade industry-focused knowledge in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, a verified nanoproducer supplier directory and bespoke consultancy geared to provide industry a roadmap to advance the compliant integration of nanotechnologies.

The Services We Offer

  • Buy Nanomaterials Online – INSCX provides a platform where research establishments, industry and end users can purchase nanomaterials online. Over 4,000 materials are available for immediate order, all supplied by verified, reputable producers who have been audited by ourselves to ensure the highest level of quality and reliability. We supply nanomaterials according to the thematic classes of Carbons, Ceramics, Compounds, Dispersions, Functionalised, Metals, Mixed Metal Alloys, Oxides, Photonics and Salts, Purchase Materials HERE
  • Physical Trading – INSCX operates a live electronic dealing platform where registered producers, end users and trading members can exchange listed categories of materials for physical delivery, each confident the Exchange system acts to underwrite the performance of buyer and seller. Read More
  • Supplier Directory – With over 2,000 organisations involved in nanoscience, finding an appropriate and verified supplier of materials, services or equipment can be easily accessed from this portal.  Read More
  • Materials Certification – Subscribers can access a comprehensive suite of the latest characterisation tools available to the Exchange to certify engineered nanomaterials, objects and devices. This service is a cost-effective benefit to producers and end-user seeking independent verification of materials. Read More
  • Toxicology Assessment – Nanotechnology safety and risk assessments are cost effectively provided to support commercialisation of nanotechnology materials and products. Read More
  • Compliance –  INSCX has operated since launch a live real-time track/trace mechanism to record trade in engineered nanomaterials termed Downstream Audit Sequencing (DAS). This mechanism now available online to any nanoproducer is the only global trade reporting, traceability mechanism for engineered nanomaterials worldwide. DAS will be of benefit to insurers and regulation agencies concerned with risk identification and oversight as the system advances means to benchmark lifecycle analysis from source to destination of nanomaterials that are purchased or reported through the Exchange system.  In addition, we provide bespoke consultancy services to assist organisations either engaged in the fabrication and supply of nanomaterials or wishing to integrate use of nanomaterials. Our aim is to assist further compliance with the evolving regulatory standard in this field of material science as stipulated by REACH and US TSCA legislation. Read More
  • Knowledge Trading – INSCX provides a marketplace where the Knowledge Economy in nanoscience and innovation can be traded, bought or sold between the research community and industry with a greater emphasis on cost, objectivity and the deliverable. We offer this system so industry and the research community can interact more efficiently with one another. Are you for example, a business keen to develop new materials or products using nanotechnology, but wary of where to obtain objective research or costs involved? Are you a researcher in nanoscience with innovative research, but no customer? INSCX provides the methodology where these knowledge requirements can be put to auction, or a knowledge content offered for sale. While we retain a comprehensive database of focused research in nanosciences already, we also offer a researchers means to continually update this content.  Read More