DAS Report

This is the online track-trace version of DAS (Downstream Audit Sequencing), the real-time reporting tool for recording globally physical trade in engineered nanomaterials, objects and devices. DAS was launched by INSCX in 2011 for exchange members initially to support the oversight ability of domestic and international regulatory bodies and the insurance industry to reference nanomaterials from source as they progress through the supply-chain to end product. Access to trade information collected via the DAS tool is offered exclusively and securely to official regulation agencies, approved insurers and the Institute of Occupational Medicine. 

The objective of INSCX remains to enable transparency and traceability in trade of nanomaterials to aid development of a regulatory structure than can command broad industry support, while advancing insurability and the goal of industry-relevant toxicology assessment of the nanomaterials actually used in society, while safeguarding the rights of nanoproducers and downstream users to confidentiality.


DAS is now available Free to use online for exchange members and non-members alike who are engaged in the fabrication, supply and downstream use of engineered nanomaterials, objects and devices. To learn more or register, simply complete the registration form below. DAS records actual trade real-time in a manner which safeguards commercial confidences, while aiding the oversight ability of domestic and international regulation agencies and the regulated insurance industry. ALL information submitted remains confidential for disclosure ONLY by INSCX to official regulation, insurance and toxicology bodies who are permitted to request access, stored compliant with data protection legislation.