Copper nanoparticles – The key Nanomaterial for next-generation Lubricants

The importance of reducing friction in Lubricants and greases is vital to a wide range of industrial processes, where branches in many areas from manufacturing to the auto industry rely heavily on high performance lubrication to prevent the wear of machinery and parts.

Nanomaterials have often been identified as a crucial ingredient in the pursuit for next generation lubrication additives and in particular, nanocopper is considered to be an excellent candidate to improve the performance and life-cycle of base lubricants.

Due to the nano-scale size of the copper particles, the advantage over traditional additives can be attributed to the unique ability of these particles to pass with no hindrance between small gaps in machinery, without sabotaging mechanical performance or causing a system to fail. In turn, it is believed this can facilitate the tribological ability of the particles to prevent mechanical parts from grinding together, by acting as ‘barrier’ between moving parts of the system. It is also worth noting the proficiency of nanocopper to withstand the high extremes of temperature that are caused by systems subjected to high impact mechanical work.

The anti-friction properties of nanocopper can therefore be seen to be of great relevance to the lubrication and greases industry. For those players interested in exploring this matter further, we invite you to contact us at INSCX Europe and we would be pleased to discuss your particular requirements in detail. We offer a range of copper nanoparticles in various formulations to address the demands of an evolving industry.

INSCX exchange Europe can be contacted by email: or by phone at 353 71 985 3714.

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