Nano-enabled Polymer development program launch

18/07/19: Cavan, Ireland: INSCX exchange (Europe) in response to increasing user demand for advanced polymer solutions incorporating nanomaterials has partnered with a number of organisations to develop a series of commercially-priced nano-enabled polymer solutions. Commenting on the development, an exchange spokesperson added, “While the potential to apply nanomaterials into a wide range of polymers, from PP, PVC to plasticizers has been well researched, where nanoindustry has lacked somewhat has been in making an offer to industry that takes into account the commercial pricing constraint”.

The aim of the initiative is to appeal to industry to work with the Exchange and it’s partners to sponsor a capital development pool to develop at industrial scale a series of nano-polymer solutions. This will benefit nanoproducers by creating hitherto demand where there has been little into this area at commercial volumes, while industry will be offered a number of solutions where nano-alternatives prove a compelling cost benefit.

“We have costed that each nano-polymer solution will cost in the region of Euro 10-15K to formulate, test and launch, and these costs are often beyond the ability of the many small to medium sized nanoproducers to develop in isolation”. Nanomaterials of interest at the nanoscale are cited as multi-walled carbon nanotubes, zinc-oxide, TiO2, Ag and Cu. For organisations wishing to subscribe or donate to the pool, payments can be made using the LINK.

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