Knowledge MAT

KnowledgeMAT is offered by INSCX as a means to trade knowledge and research more effectively. Researchers now have a platform to offer for sale their output concerning nanoscience and nanotechnology, while industry is afforded the ability to purchase  research aimed at conversion to practical application. The INSCX approach delivers a market where this aspect of the “knowledge economy” can be traded. A key feature being the system permits industry to subscribe to obtain research specific to need and budget, while researchers can congregate to compete to meet the specific as opposed to holistic requirement.

With contributions from an in-house team of full-time nano researchers who compile and vet existing research for suitability, the work of our research team is aided by contributions from leading academics in the field who seek a wider, commercial audience for their output. The aim of KnowledgeMAT is to offer a means to monetize the “knowledge economy” to suit industry requirements affording efficiency to convert theory to practice.

For Industry

We offer the ability to source case research focused on specific need as a means to enhance existing and/or develop new product lines through integration of nanomaterials. Industry can opt to use the service to collate research or to commission within a defined budget the Exchange to match with an appropriate knowledge counterpart. For contractual purposes contracts are agreed between the Exchange and the industrial customer for the provision of specified research output and/or for on-site evaluation pertaining to the integration of engineered nanomaterials into existing or new supply chains.

For Researchers

INSCX regularly receive instructions for focus-driven research geared for industry uptake. On initial assessment of requirement, we commission internal and external registered and approved researchers to complete requests. Whether the requirement be for bespoke research, on-site evaluations pertaining to the integration of engineered nanomaterials into an existing or future, supply chain, INSCX offers the research community to market research sought by industry. Membership to our approved list of knowledge providers is open to universities, nanoproducers, research institutes and researchers operating in a stand-alone, singular capacity within a defined field in nanoscience.

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