CITROX PROTECT: INSCX agrees distribution with UK-based Citrox Biosciences

Cavan, IRELAND: 06/04/2020: INSCX exchange has agreed a distribution agreement with UK Based Citrox Biosciences Limited to distribute CITROX PROTECT in the United States. The product produced and manufactured in the UK and Germany is a unique 3D coating microbiota barrier spray which is excellent at repelling aqueous and greasy liquids and facilitates the removing of dirt and lime remains from sanitary products, touchscreens and high-risk touchpoints. On account of the moisture repelling effect, coated surfaces are able to help reduce cross-infection by bacteria, mould and viruses for a period of 6 months. CITROX PROTECT is designed for all non-absorbent surfaces including plastics, glass, ceramics and metal. It can be used in sanitary areas, food processing and facilities generally where cross-infection poses risk. Examples include Door handles, washbasins, showers, bathtubs, swimming baths, toilets, floors, walls, window glass, mobile phones, computers and many other surfaces where application of CITROX PROTECT can protect invisibily against pollution and cross-infection.


CITROX Protect is offered in the form of a 1 litre / 127 litre concentrate, ready-to-use 500nm spray bottle for universal surface use and in a sachet form for use in Smarttphones and will be available for purchase online through INSCX exchange from 7th April onwards.

For more information please contact INSCX exchange via mail to: and or by phone at 44 203 137 5187 (UK/EU) and USA 4 646 470 4911


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