Welcome to the live trade platform provided by INSCX™ exchange (The Integrated Nano-Science & Commodity Exchange). INSCX is a self-regulating organisation (SRO) which is specific to the listing of accredited, inspected and validated engineered nanomaterials, nano-enabled commodities and categories of more traditional commodities for physical delivery.

The Exchange can be used to trade for physical delivery the following categories of materials;

Access to the physical trade platform to instruct trade in listed materials (apart from the category of Engineered nanomaterialsis which are quoted in sample quantities via the Materials Online Tab on the main website and in Bulk volumes on the main trading platform) is restricted to producers, end users and distribution/trading firms that are registered with, and approved by, the Exchange. LOGON via the following URL link: 

Market Hours

The Exchange is based in the United Kingdom operating live markets during UK and North American (EST) business hours.

The live trade platform can be used for

  • Price Discovery

Many organisations engaged in supply or procurement of listed materials can use INSCX to keep abreast of price action and trends. Members can subscribe for data access only for an annual tariff of GBP £2,500 per organisation. Access to the platform is via secure Logon so the member(s) can monitor live and historical price trends based on actual and reported trade. Additional features added to the platform in 2018 include bespoke charting and analysis tools which can be used to assess future price and supply trends.

  • Physical Trade

INSCX can be used to conduct actual trade (buying and/or selling) where the Exchange trade arm (Specialist) acts to accept instructions from registered members wishing to buy/or sell a listed material. Where trade is bilateral (direct between producer and end-user) the seller is charged a reporting fee per unit of material traded.

  • Forward Trade

Fixed forward pricing for durations, 3,6, and 9 months are listed on a real-time basis in polymers (PP, PE) for UK delivery. The platform can be used to obtain real-time pricing, report trade sales for anonymous broadcast as a producer/distributor and/or conduct actual physical trade via the Exchange trade desk on a cash-margin basis.

Tariff (Physical Trade Only)

For organisations wishing to conduct physical trade, the annual tariff charged by the Exchange for memberships are;

Producer – GBP 20,000 per annum

End/User – GBP 2,500 per annum

Distributor/Trader – GBP 5,000 per annum

Nanomaterial Producers – commences at GBP 3,500 per annum (to list 1-10 materials) scaling thereafter to GBP 15,000 per annum to list up to 100 materials.

Data Access

For users seeking data access only, this is charged @ GBP 2,500 per subscription.


To subscribe to register to use INSCX exchange for price discovery and/or dealing in listed materials for physical delivery or services offered by the Exchange, select the web-link below to select your subscription type.

Click HERE to subscribe to the live platform