Defined as members who are non-trading but require access to the Exchange trade platform for price discovery and research purposes. Access only membership is priced at GBP£1,500 per annum.


Associate Trade Members are defined as Principal traders and/or sales trading arms of producers. There is no membership charged for this category of Exchange member. Associate Trade members instruct trade for broadcast on the Exchange trade floor via nominated merchants and are liable to clearing/merchant fees on trade.


Defined as Non-Commercial members or Merchants authorised by the Exchange to trade on their own account and/or on behalf of Commercial members. Applicant Merchants must be passed competent in the materials they seek to trade and comply with Exchange Agency/Principal rules governing trade. Membership: GBP£20,000 per annum.


Commercial members are defined as Producers and End Users of listed materials who instruct trade through nominated merchants of the Exchange. Membership for Producers is set at GBP£10,000 per annum. End Users do not pay a membership fee.

Tariff: 2015 01 02 03 04 COMMERCIAL