Industrial scale Nanoresearch opportunities

FOCUS: KnowledgeMAT – The ever increasing demand for improved properties of conventional materials and substances in areas as diverse as lubricants, polymers, cements, fracking proppants, soil remediation, water purification and so forth, to create light-weight structures and multifunctional characteristics has strongly shifted the focus of industry on nanomaterials as reinforcements. INSCX exchange holds a increasing variety of industrial-scale research opportunities for exchange approved and registered nanoresearchers where focus is on industrial scale use Nanomaterials as opposed to academic in industries ranging from oil/gas, to petrochemicals, automotive, construction, and polymers. Collaborating with industry focused nanotechnology experts, researchers are invited to apply for admission to the Exchange approved list of nanoresearchers. Once approved a nanoresearcher can tender for paying research contracts via the INSCX “KnowledgeMat” portal. NOTE: A GBP £1,500 application fee is levied to review an application which is peer-reviewed by leading experts in the field, and initial applicant enquiries should be sent to the Exchange registrar via the online contact form.

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