INSCX: Upgraded Trading platform schedule

INSCX exchange will unveil its upgraded TORS (Trade Order Routing System) specific to physical trade in polymers, base oils and TiO2 by end June, 2018. The upgraded system will further enhance the existing trade portal which enables real-time price discovery, and permits Spot and forward trade types and will prove relevant to the polymer market in particular. Commenting on the upgraded version of TORS, an Exchange spokesperson added:

“The upgraded platform will be more user friendly and offer the Polymer sector their first truly auditable, real-time price discovery mechanism and the ability to trade real-time on a Spot or Forward basis. Additional features on the platform will include technical analysis, a producer reporting mechanism and the ability to trade on margin. Going forward this will provide the physical polymer industry with a more credible pricing mechanism and greater trade flexibility including practical hedging tools. Going forward, TORS will offer cost benefit to the physical polymer industry, but also permit INSCX to engage with other Exchanges who have sought physical industry benchmarks to develop more liquidity and open interest in more relevant polymer futures contracts within a defined timeframe.”

The upgraded version of the TORS platform is estimated to go live in August/Sept 2018.

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