EV Industry offers NM producers opportunity

Cavan: Ireland: 16/09/22 – Interest is exploring nanomaterial (NM) solutions to address issues facing the fast-growing Electric Vehicle (EV) sector is becoming more evident of late with a number of prominent names in the industry becoming more actively involved in uptake of various NM options beyond concept/pilot stage.


CAVAN, IRELAND: 24/12/2021: Wishing all our customers and members a happy holiday season from INSCX exchange and best wishes for 2022.

Invisi Smart Shield™ – Next generation Antimicrobial Coating – Available on INSCX

Cavan, IRELAND: 26/08.21: New Product Launch: Invisi Smart Shield™ is now available for sale via INSCX. The product coats any surface with a durable invisible layer of disinfecting particles that continuously protects for up to 1 year from application. Even with frequent cleaning, standard disinfection does not kill all germs. Our product is a next generation protective coating proven by University College London (UCL) to continuously kill germs on treated surfaces for 1 year. Once applied the durable Invisi Smart Shield™ forms an invisible protective barrier against viruses, bacteria and mould.

  • Water based technology, safe for humans, animals and our planet
  • Approved for use in the UK.
  • Meets the protection guidance requirements from US CDC
  • Long lasting 1 year +
  • Easily spray applied / quick drying
  • Used by the NHS, hotels, transport vehicles and gyms amongst others

Invisi Smart Shield™ is s a next-generation 1 year protective coating with a 3-log reduction rate that has been proven to kill 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and fungi.

The Invisi Smart Shield has been successfully tested against the live SARS-CoV-2 virus (virus that causes COVID-19) by the University of Cambridge.

View Test Report:

For sales enquiries, please visit the product link HERE

FOCUS: EMEA Base Oils – Price hikes hard to sustain

With EMEA Base Oils prices not seen at levels this high since 2011, and despite ongoing shortages reported, prices are seen as elevated but stretched at these levels. What we are witnessing some suggest, is primarily a lack of refining feedstocks available to refiners bumping recent price surges. This coupled with knee-jerk reactions to localised lockdowns most recently in India and Europe are factors also. While of little immediate comfort to refiners and blenders alike, WTI crude is now seen as a strong sell and as base oil refiners redress the feedstock issue, prices are expected to stabilise to ease lower.


WTI it is noted has again failed to break above the $65-68/bbl handle pointing to a double-top on a 2 year chart. Trade above $67-68/bbl might have pushed a run above $72-76/bbl handle pointing to sentiment to break higher. With the contract failing, in the near term, a run again to the mid-to-high $50’s in WTI seems more a probability as as global economies struggle to rebalance themselves.  While not a direct correlation to the dynamics of the Base Oil market, some observers suggest Base Oils prices although elevated, may have reached a peak near term as the logjam in feedstock availability eases and confidence returns. Clearly, the past few months have demonstrated many blenders are simply unable to pass on their costs to lubricant buyers at these prices.

XMAS Hours

CAVAN, IRELAND: 24/12/2020: Wishing all our customers and members a happy holiday season from INSCX exchange and best wishes for 2021. We are closed from Thursday, 24th December, 2020 to recommence, January 4th, 2021.

Global Metal Carbide distribution agreed

CAVAN, IRELAND: 17/11/20: INSCX exchange agrees a multi-ton agency / distribution agreement with a leading EU based producer specific to sub-micron and going forward, nanoscale grades of various metal carbides. Specifics to follow via PR.

HYGIENIA TOUCH series of antimicrobial coatings listed on INSCX

22/07/20: CAVAN, IRELAND: HYGIENIA TOUCH anti-pathogen barrier coatings for absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces are available for purchase from INSCX exchange.

HYGIENIA TOUCH is a clean label technology series specifically designed to help companies remain ahead of the COVID-19 pandemic by making surfaces impervious to bacteria and viruses. The products are designed to treat non-absorbent and absorbent surfaces. They are presented in the form of a nanotechnology enabled / anti-pathogen barrier coating offered in a 500ml spray (or larger volumes).

The eco-friendly barrier coating for non-absorbent surfaces is a combination of various acids diluted in carrier solutions bound by a number of engineered nanomaterials such as nano SiO2, to create effective anti-pathogen coatings on surfaces.

HYGIENIA TOUCH is also available in a EU ECO approved version for absorbent surfaces such as fabrics.

This series of innovative products provide a preventative and proactive technology to help enable a treated surface to remain bacteria-static for up to 6 months. Can be deployed to treat surfaces in venues as diverse as healthcare establishments, work areas, schools, social facilities and public infrastructure.

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