Bulk Volume Nano-Carbides to be listed

CAVAN, IRELAND 13/01/2020: INSCX exchange (Europe) is to commence listing of various nano-carbides in bulk volume Q1, 2020 onwards, origin Europe. The following materials, Zirconium Carbide (ZrC), Boron Carbide, (B4C) and Silicon Carbide (SiC) at the nanoscale are to be made available in volumes 1.5Mt March onwards with capacity increasing to > 10Mt monthly later 2020. More information can be obtained from the Exchange registrar via mail to: registrar@inscx.com

Festive Opening Hours: December, 2019

CAVAN, IRELAND 23/12/19: Festive Opening Hours: INSCX exchange will close @ 12.30 GMT 24/12/2019 reopening Monday 30/12/2019 @ 08.30 GMT. Wishing all our customers and members a happy holiday season from INSCX exchange and best wishes for 2020.

Nano-scale MOF available in bulk

Cavan, Ireland: 12/12/19: INSCX has commenced listing of nano-scale Metal Organic Frameworks (MOF’s) effective December, 2019. A series of nano-scale MOF’s are available in bulk >100Kg quantities.

Further information can be obtained from the Exchange Registrar @ registrar@inscx.com

INSCX appointed Product distributor for US Tech firm

Cavan, IRELAND 20.08.19: Thunder Energies Corporation (http://www.thunder-energies.com/) appoints INSCX exchange Europe (https://inscx.com) based in the Republic of Ireland as it’s product distributor for the EU and UK regions effective August, 2019. INSCX is a specialist marketplace for advanced materials, including nanomaterials, objects, devices, technologies and instrumentation. Thunder Energies Corp. (OTCQB: TNRG) Thunder Energies Corporation is focused, on the manufacturing, sale and service of three new cutting edge technologies: the new Santilli telescopes with concave lenses; the new hadronic reactors for the synthesis of the neutron from the hydrogen gas; and the new HyperFurnaces for the full combustion of fossil fuels. These technologies have been organized into three Divisions: Optics Division, Scanning Division, Combustion Division.  Visit www.thunder-energies.com for more information. Commenting on the appointments an Exchange spokesperson added; “We are delighted to be appointed to act as the European distributor for Thunder Energies Corporation. Furthermore, we deem our member base, in particular those within the security, space and propulsion sectors, stand to gain from embracing their cutting-edge technologies.” For further information, contact: INSCX exchange Europe / T: 353 1 985 3714 / E: registrar@inscx.com

EMEA Base Oils Pricing

Cavan, IRELAND, 30.07.19: Daily Trade Weighted Average prices to be published by INSCX for EMEA Base Oils in addition to live Volume Weighted Average prices. To subscribe to our live trade platform use the LINK

Nano-enabled Polymer development program launch

18/07/19: Cavan, Ireland: INSCX exchange (Europe) in response to increasing user demand for advanced polymer solutions incorporating nanomaterials has partnered with a number of organisations to develop a series of commercially-priced nano-enabled polymer solutions. Commenting on the development, an exchange spokesperson added, “While the potential to apply nanomaterials into a wide range of polymers, from PP, PVC to plasticizers has been well researched, where nanoindustry has lacked somewhat has been in making an offer to industry that takes into account the commercial pricing constraint”.

The aim of the initiative is to appeal to industry to work with the Exchange and it’s partners to sponsor a capital development pool to develop at industrial scale a series of nano-polymer solutions. This will benefit nanoproducers by creating hitherto demand where there has been little into this area at commercial volumes, while industry will be offered a number of solutions where nano-alternatives prove a compelling cost benefit.

“We have costed that each nano-polymer solution will cost in the region of Euro 10-15K to formulate, test and launch, and these costs are often beyond the ability of the many small to medium sized nanoproducers to develop in isolation”. Nanomaterials of interest at the nanoscale are cited as multi-walled carbon nanotubes, zinc-oxide, TiO2, Ag and Cu. For organisations wishing to subscribe or donate to the pool, payments can be made using the LINK.

Copper nanoparticles – The key Nanomaterial for next-generation Lubricants

The importance of reducing friction in Lubricants and greases is vital to a wide range of industrial processes, where branches in many areas from manufacturing to the auto industry rely heavily on high performance lubrication to prevent the wear of machinery and parts.

Nanomaterials have often been identified as a crucial ingredient in the pursuit for next generation lubrication additives and in particular, nanocopper is considered to be an excellent candidate to improve the performance and life-cycle of base lubricants.

Due to the nano-scale size of the copper particles, the advantage over traditional additives can be attributed to the unique ability of these particles to pass with no hindrance between small gaps in machinery, without sabotaging mechanical performance or causing a system to fail. In turn, it is believed this can facilitate the tribological ability of the particles to prevent mechanical parts from grinding together, by acting as ‘barrier’ between moving parts of the system. It is also worth noting the proficiency of nanocopper to withstand the high extremes of temperature that are caused by systems subjected to high impact mechanical work.

The anti-friction properties of nanocopper can therefore be seen to be of great relevance to the lubrication and greases industry. For those players interested in exploring this matter further, we invite you to contact us at INSCX Europe and we would be pleased to discuss your particular requirements in detail. We offer a range of copper nanoparticles in various formulations to address the demands of an evolving industry.

INSCX exchange Europe can be contacted by email: registrar@inscx.com or by phone at 353 71 985 3714.

NANOWATCH – Quarterly newsletter available to INSCX subscribers

10.07.19: Cavan, Ireland: INSCX exchange is pleased to announce the quarterly newsletter “NANOWATCH” is available to registered subscribers. The newsletter provides insight into commercial trends in the use of nanomaterials and keeps our reader base up-to-date with developments here at the Exchange.

Not a subscriber – to subscribe please complete the online Contact form on the website toolbar.


EC JRC Contributes to OECD Test Guidelines for Nanomaterials

The European Commission’s (EC) Joint Research Center (JRC) published a press release on June 6, 2019, regarding its contribution to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) development of Test Guidelines for the safety assessment of nanomaterials.  According to the press release, scientists from JRC have actively participated in discussions of the OECD’s Working Party on Manufactured Nanomaterials (WPMN) since early on.  The press release states that the OECD Working Group of the National Coordinators of the Test Guidelines Program (WNT) is responsible for the final development, discussion, and adoption of Test Guidelines, and JRC “plays an important role as a link between WPMN and this group.”  JRC notes WPMN’s work regarding Test Guidelines includes:

  • Four new Test Guidelines and five guidance documents currently being developed that address the characterization of nanomaterials, their possible fate in the environment, and possible genotoxic effects;
  • Six more new proposals approved for development in April 2019 that will address environmental fate or possible sensitization effects; and
  • Discussion and preparation of eight additional proposals for Test Guidelines or guidance documents addressing possible effects on human health and the environment.

More information is available in an article in the June 2019 issue of Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology, “Developing OECD test guidelines for regulatory testing of nanomaterials to ensure mutual acceptance of test data.”