FOCUS: Carbon Nanotubes to deliver on potential

Producers of CNTs would be justified in assuming the material will finally deliver on it’s promise of a decade ago according to the increased level of industrial end-user interest shown to INSCX during 2017-18.  In particular focus are applications using CNTs in high throughput sectors. With bulk pricing of MWCNT’s breaking below the $100/kg benchmark, interest in bespoke CNT formulations are now finding actual uptake into the polymer, construction and automotive sectors primarily. Hitherto, as with many engineered nanomaterials, promise has lagged industrial uptake for a variety of reasons, most predominant, the fact nanomaterial pricing and lack of capacity across the producer supply chain acted to inhibit industrial engagement. These inhibiting factors in particular regard to Carbon Nanotubes have diminished considerably and INSCX expects annual demand for MWCNTs to exceed 5KT by 2019-20. Current global producer capacity is assessed 50% below projection.

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