Nanotechnology in medicine: Are our health care systems ready

MEDLINK: The unrelenting pace in the development of nanotechnology means it has transformed into
a truly wide-ranging field of research. It is no longer adequate to simply use
“nanotechnology” for the various applications of nanotechnology and the huge amount of
accompanying research – this paper will focus on the medical applications drawing on the
basic principles underpinning most research into nanotechnology. In the past, references to
research in this field have always been made in the belief that advances made in
nanotechnology will have a huge impact on our lives- with many branches now showing
progress, this assumption is no less correct than before. However, most analysis of the
impact of nanotechnology on our world looks at the short-term feasibility, costeffectiveness,
and impact on the environment- I intend to look at long-term effects on
society, and highlight potential pitfalls for healthcare governing bodies to consider, as
nanotechnology is introduced as a potential method of treatment, whether publicly or

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