Anti-corrosion opportunity using nanoscale Grapehene

Producers of nanoscale Graphene are invited to contact the Exchange concerning an opportunity to collaborate with an industrial partner to explore use of nanoscale graphene to enhance anti-corrosion of metals. Registered Nanoproducers seeking additional information concerning this opportunity are advised to contact the Exchange via mail at:

INSCX Nanomaterials Trading Portal

The upgraded version of the INSCX online trade portal specific for physical delivery of engineered nanomaterials, objects and devices (ENMs) will be available to users end March, 2018 where some 2,300 ENM listing will be available to trade in real-time.  Users are invited to register to access the Nanomaterials portal via the Buy Materials Online link on the main website, then select > Products > LOGIN/Register.

INSCX TORS upgrade

The online physical trade platform for INSCX exchange specific to polymers, base-oils and TiO2 is currently being upgraded. For more information please submit the enquiry form below.

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