Controlling Health Hazards When Working with Nanomaterials

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) is pleased to present Controlling Health Hazards When Working with Nanomaterials: Questions to Ask Before You Start. This poster is a visual tool designed to guide those who work with nanomaterials on how to prevent exposures. The poster poses questions that the reader should ask themselves before starting work with a nanomaterial. Readers can then move through the poster to see which different control and personal protective equipment options are appropriate based on the physical form of the nanomaterial. The poster can be displayed in a lab or work environment, making it an easily accessible reminder of the important health and safety considerations for working with nanomaterials.

You can download the nanomaterials safety chart from the link below


Online Traceability of Nanomaterials

Since live launch in 2011, INSCX™ exchange has operated a dedicated trade reporting mechanic to record actual trade in engineered nanomaterials (ENMs), objects and devices referred to as Downstream Audit Sequencing (DAS) for the purposes of enabling traceability.  The tool is to now be made available online free to exchange members and non-members alike. DAS can be used to report supply of nanomaterials quickly and easily in a manner which advances the requirement of regulation agencies for disclosure, safeguards business confidences while enabling means for supply-chain tracking of any nanomaterial from source.

Access to trade information collected via the DAS mechanic is offered exclusively and securely to official regulation agencies, approved insurers and the Institute of Occupational Medicine who formally collaborate with the Exchange.

The objective of DAS is to enable transparency and traceability in the trade of nanomaterials for the purposes of aiding a regulatory structure than can command broad societal and industry support, advance insurability and the goal of industry-relevant toxicology assessment of nanomaterials, while safeguarding the rights of producers and downstream users to commercial confidentiality.

To receive a registration pack and/or to learn more nanoproducers, converters, and downstream users are invited to complete the enquiry form accessible via the DAS Report link on the exchange website.

Anti-corrosion opportunity using nanoscale Grapehene

Producers of nanoscale Graphene are invited to contact the Exchange concerning an opportunity to collaborate with an industrial partner to explore use of nanoscale graphene to enhance anti-corrosion of metals. Registered Nanoproducers seeking additional information concerning this opportunity are advised to contact the Exchange via mail at:

INSCX Nanomaterials Trading Portal

The upgraded version of the INSCX online trade portal specific for physical delivery of engineered nanomaterials, objects and devices (ENMs) will be available to users end March, 2018 where some 2,300 ENM listing will be available to trade in real-time.  Users are invited to register to access the Nanomaterials portal via the Buy Materials Online link on the main website, then select > Products > LOGIN/Register.

INSCX TORS upgrade

The online physical trade platform for INSCX exchange specific to polymers, base-oils and TiO2 is currently being upgraded. For more information please submit the enquiry form below.

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