C60 Q/A issues persist

Quality and consistency issues persist with regard to C-60 particularly at the higher 99.9% purity. Given considerable buy-side interest resting with the Exchange at present, nanoproducers of this material are invited to send offers of product with independent characterisation, batch referenced to be considered to quote.  Contact: registrar@inscx.com

Carbon Nanotube additives finding application in battery solutions

A Japanese chemical company, Kusumoto Chemicals is opening up new horizons in lithium-ion battery capabilities with their single wall carbon nanotube additive. Working in conjunction with OCSiAL, they will begin to produce the additive, which they are calling TUBALL BATT, in their latest manufacturing facility based in Japan, with plans to expand production in the future. By exploiting the unique enhancements offered by carbon nanotubes, the additive can, even with a low volume loading, help to improve the life cycle of Li-battery components.

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Nano-enabled Polymer Masterbatches

INSCX exchange is pleased to announce the availability of a series of polymer masterbatches available for end-user and / or distributor purchase.

More Info:


E-Mail: registrar@inscx.com

T: 0203 137 5187 (UK)
T: 353 71 985 3714 (EU)
T: 1 646 470 4911 (USA)
T: 86 21 803 60415 (Asia)

Nano for Industry – Report Series available for subscription

INSCX are compiling a series of practical real-world application initiatives using nanotechnology in key areas such as construction, polymers, lubricants, agriculture. The first report titled “Nano Implementation Report – Construction” is now available for purchase. Costing £350 this report summarises real-world, commercially viable integration of nanotechnology across the constuction sector. To order a copy, simply visit: https://inscx.com/shop/product/nano-implementation-report-construction/

Alternatively contact us using the Toolbar link.

INSCX Asia launch Q1, 2019

INSCX exchange (The Integrated Nanoscience & Commodity Exchange) confirm the establishment of INSCX offices in China with the formation of INSCX Asia. “This development will extend the reach of the Exchange to a critical region in the emerging nanomaterials area, namely China and the wider Asia region”, according to an exchange spokesperson.

Further announcements are scheduled Q1, 2019 to coincide with the restructuring of INSCX into three distinct regions, Europe, Asia and the United States.

C60 99.9% / 99.5% – Supply availability update

With the current shortage of high-purity C-60, 99.9% and C-60, 99.5% continuing, INSCX has moved to secure supply from a number of producers mid-November onwards. Research and bulk enquiries in the interim should be conveyed for tender to the Exchange registrar using the contact link. Please complete all sections of the enquiry form, state target pricing and quantity sought.