Silver Nanoparticles Conductive Ink

Silver Nanoparticles Conductive Ink (Ag, 99.9%, APS 30-100nm)

Carbon ink/paste play an increasing role in applications including printed resistors, polymer thick film circuitry, membrane switches, electrical attachments, heaters, and static elimination. We can configure carbon inks to obtain a range of electrical conductivity values by blending them with silver inks and adjust conductivity to a specific level. INSCX can also blend carbon inks with silver inks to reduce cost for some applications.

We can reliably manufacture 30-100+ nanometer-sized particles of silver (Ag). We can control the size, shape and dispersion of the silver nanoparticles in accordance with the requirements of our customers.  This allows us to achieve the highest ink performance optimization in properties such as conductivity, adhesion and flexibility.

Silver particles conductive ink

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