Nanomaterials (MWCNT’s) now being used in the manufacture of vehicle Tyres (Tires)

Replacing Carbon Black with MWCNT Nanomaterials in the production of Tyres

After spending several years providing the tyre manufacturing industry with consultancy, research and materials supply – we feel we are in a leading position to offer the tyre industry the support it needs to introduce nanomaterials into the production process of vehicle tyres.

In the past Carbon Black has been used as a filler – but this is not ideal for reasons of lack of functionality and its impact on the environment.

Whilst we are not in a position to reveal all the results of all our research (due to non disclosure agreement restrictions) we can offer some free guidance.

We have therefore publish a short paper explaining the benefits of using Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes (MWCNT’s) instead of Carbon Black

You can read/download this publication at Research into using MWCNT Nanomaterials in the production of Tyres

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